IGT’s modular short courses provide the skills for the modern professional field gemologist. We cover topics such as grading colored gem rough, cutting and recutting in order to maximize value, as well as mastering the trade secrets of the colored gemstones market. 

Gem Trading Fundamentals Program

Our signature program gives you the technical skills and advanced knowledge to take your understanding of the gem trade to the next level. We offer courses and expertise that you can’t find anywhere else, providing a world class education in the heart of the world’s gem trade.

The Gem Trading Fundamentals program consists of three modules that can be taken together or separately: Colored Gem Rough Grading and Analysis, Precision Cutting and Recutting for Gem Business, and Gem Entrepreneurship Essentials.

Corporate Training

IGT offers specialized courses for brands and companies in the gemstone and jewelry industry. As the gemstone trade grows and changes, it’s imperative to stay up to date with new mining developments, new treatments, and more advanced business practices.

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