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Colored Gem Rough Grading and Analysis

Through practical exercises and the use of field gemological tools, this immersive course is designed to give you a deep insight into the trading of colored gem rough.

1950 USD

Cutting & Recutting for Gem Business

The Cutting & Recutting for Gem Business course focuses on widening your understanding of the art of cutting and recutting colored gemstones.

2450 USD

Gem Entrepreneurship Essentials

Gem Entrepreneurship Essentials is designed to boost the career of the gem entrepreneurs and help them to navigate the complexities and challenges of the gemstone industry.

Coming Soon

Introduction to Cutting Workshop

The Introduction to Cutting Workshop allows you to sample the art of gemcutting in a hands-on way.

250 USD

CAD Jewelry Design & Creation

Learn the fundamentals of Jewelry CAD design using Matrix Gold. In 10 days you will learn how to create all types of jewelry and prepare CAD files for production.

2250 USD

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