Cutting for Gem Business – Chinese

The Cutting for Gem Business course focuses on widening your understanding of the art of cutting and recutting colored gemstones. Taught in Chinese

About the Course

The Cutting for Gem Business course focuses on deepening your understanding about the art of cutting and recutting colored gemstones.

This practice-based program, based on 30 years of experience of industry leaders in high precision cutting for the watch market, will give students all the necessary know how about cutting and recutting gemstones.

After completing the program, you will understand the steps from rough to polished gemstones and be able to identify gemstones that can be commercially improved through recutting.

Who Should Take this Course

Cutting for Gem Business course has been developed for gem professionals wanting to develop new competencies and boost their business.

Gem Entrepreneur: Professionals looking to set-up their own cutting facility and/or diversify their activities.

At-Home Faceters: Amateurs cutters with little or no training looking to increase their skill set and advance their cutting with practical, problem solving cutting skills.


The cutting course I took at IGT was engaging, informative, and fun. It was a great experience both from a business standpoint and for the personal satisfaction of exploring a new facet of our trade. “

– Billie Hughes, Lotus Gemology –

Course Outline

  • How to cut a gemstone in an easy, step by step process
  • How to operate an Imahashi style faceting machine
  • How to evaluate gem rough for cutting
  • How to read a facet design sheet
  • How to dop and transfer stones for precision faceting
  • How the cut affects light, color, brilliance, and fire
  • How to avoid windows and extinction


  • Mandarin Language Proficiency
  • 18 Years of Age
  • Previous Gemological Training (or equivalent in experience in the gem trade) is preferred

Career Paths

The skills you learn in IGT’s Cutting for Gem Business course would be beneficial to anyone working in the gem trade, whether you buy rough and need to understand yield or you sell jewelry and would like to be able to communicate about cut quality and the cutting process to your customer.

Potential Career Paths Include:

  •  Gem Cutter and Manufacturer
  •  Rough Buyer
  •  Rough Grader
  •  Gemologists
  •  Gem Entrepreneur
  •  Amateur Cutter

How To Apply

Applying for a class at the Institute of Gem Trading is easy. Once you’ve decided which course or courses suits your needs, simply head over to the courses page and click Apply Online. From there you can choose which session over the course of the year that you’d like to attend.

Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis. Class sizes are limited, and should there be no more available spots you will be placed on a waitlist and notified if a seat becomes available.

Payments can be made with a credit card or bank transfer after we confirm your seat availability.

We look forward to seeing you!
Apply Online.

International Students
We designed our modular courses with students from all over the globe in mind. No matter whether you’re coming from Thailand, Europe, America, or beyond, students from most countries should have no problem getting a 30 day Thai tourist visa. All of the IGT courses can be taken within this visa period as long as you don’t come too early or stay too late. You should be able to complete your IGT with no added stress about visas.

If you have a question or problem with getting a Thai tourist visa, please feel free to email us

Tuition Fee

1500 USD

Additional Costs
The tuition fee for IGT classes includes everything you need to complete the course including training manuals, a student kit with a variety of tools, and gem rough for the cutting class. Students are encouraged to bring their own loupe and torch if they have one that they prefer.

Tuition fee does not include 7% VAT.

How To Pay
Payments can be made via credit card through our secure website payment processor or by Bank Transfer. If you have questions about the payment process, please email us.


Cutting for Gem Business – Chinese

The Cutting for Gem Business course focuses on widening your understanding of the art of cutting and recutting colored gemstones. Taught in Chinese

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