Colored Gem Rough Analysis

Learn everything you need to know about buying and selling rough gems

Next Course Begins: 02 Mar 2020 / 1950 USD

About the Course

The Colored Gem Rough Analysis class provides an intensive program of learning, condensing years of study and practical information into a short course designed for students who already have a solid foundation in the gem trade.

Our rebranded 5 day course is designed to give you a deep insight into the trading of colored gem rough. In collaboration with Gemfields, our practical exercises with field gemological tools as well as world class rough gemstones including Gemfields Rubies, you will learn the basics of the identification, grading, and valuation of multiple types colored gem rough.

Who should take this course


The Colored Gem Rough Analysis course has been developed for:


Gem buyers: professionals wanting to develop new competencies and be able to trade colored gemstones at their sources.


Gem professionals and gemologists: professionals wishing to further develop their competencies about colored gemstones.

Next Course Begins:

March 2 - March 6

5 days / Full Time

9:30 am ( Mon-Fri )

Course Outline

  • Identification of different types of colored gem rough
  • Separation of synthetic and treated gem rough from the natural gem rough
  • Sorting and grading of rough parcels
  • Grading and pricing of Mozambique rubies
  • Planning and estimation of the recovery/yield
  • Assessing the value of single pieces and lots of rough
  • Learning the most common treatment techniques of rough
  • First class rough collection including natural, treated, synthetic and imitation


  • English Language Proficiency
  • 18 Years of Age
  • Previous Gemological Training (or equivalent in experience in the gem trade)

Career Paths

Graduates from the Institute of Gem Trading will have an increased ability to find a position in the trade or to start their own business.

Potential Career Paths Include:

• Gem Broker
• Recutter
• Rough Gems Buyer
• Field Gemologist
• Gems Business Owner

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International Students

We designed our modular courses with students from all over the globe in mind. No matter if you’re coming from Thailand, Europe, America, or beyond, students from most countries should have no problem getting a 30 day Thai tourist visa.

All of the IGT courses can be taken within this visa period so as long as you don’t come too early or stay too late, you should be able to complete your IGT with no added stress about visas.

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Tuition Fee

1950 USD
Additional Costs

The tuition fee for IGT classes includes everything you need to complete the course including training manuals and  a student kit with a variety of tools.

Students are encouraged to bring their own loupe and torch if they have one that they prefer.


Tuition fee does not include 7% VAT.

How To Pay

Payments can be made via credit card through our secure website payment processor or in cash (Thai Baht) at our Bangkok office.

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March 2 ‐ March 6
9:30 am

Full Time / Mon-Fri

March 30 ‐ April 3
9:30 am

Full Time / Mon-Fri

May 4 ‐ May 8
9:30 am

Full Time / Mon-Fri

August 10 ‐ August 14
9:30 am

Full Time / Mon-Fri

November 2 ‐ November 6
9:30 am

Full Time / Mon-Fri

December 14 ‐ December 18
9:30 am

Full Time / Mon-Fri

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