IGT Inspirational Interview Series: Conversation with Olivier Segura

September 3, 2018

By Mariaveronica Favoroso Ressigeac

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In June 2018, Olivier Segura was appointed scientific director of L’ECOLE des Arts Joailliers (School of Jewelry Arts) supported by Van Cleef & Arpels where he develops courses, lectures, and exhibitions related to gems and gemology.

“I am very excited and honored to be part of this wonderful project of L’ECOLE, supported by Van Cleef and Arpels. Ahead of me is a great challenge and a wonderful opportunity to bring L’ECOLE to new territories, create new projects, and share the knowledge”.

Olivier is currently working on a pearls exhibition for the next nomadic version of L’ECOLE – Dubai 2019. “It will be a great exhibition with a special angle on natural pearls, I think it will be very interesting, with amazing pieces on display and new information not yet available to the public!”

His next stops in October are San Diego for the GIA Symposium, Bogota where he will hold a lecture during the 2nd World Emerald Symposium, and then New York for a nomadic version of L’ECOLE.

If you had to start over again today, what would you change?

Quite a long way from an early stint in the communication industry, Olivier would not change anything about his previous choices. His studies and experiences outside the gemology industry have broadened his knowledge and enriched his background.

“I probably could not do what I’m doing today without all the experiences and people I’ve met. I believe that the school training associated with the practice, the experience of the field and all the encounters gave me the opportunity to apprehend the sector fairly broadly and allowed me to integrate all in the best way.”

Which are the most fundamental choices you made in your career?

“Certainly my decision to change sectors and study gemology. It was a bet on the future, but also the choice to try to making a living out of my passion”.

After your GG, what helped you to achieve know-how for your first job?

“In my business, I do not need to acquire particular know-how associated with a gesture or the practice of a technique. On the other hand, it is necessary that my knowledge is always updated at the best level and that I am able to transmit this knowledge. That’s why I think that I learned a lot by exchanging information with the people I’ve met in all the countries I visited.”

What is the secret of success in this industry?

Olivier, who has a solid education and an established path in this industry, states “Certainly, the competences and modesty. To achieve a certain level of knowledge one needs commitment and hard work”.

The Socratic paradox “I know that I know nothing” resounds all along the words of Olivier who says “Only with modesty you can challenge your own competences and start approaching the infinitive amount of knowledge and the complexity and diversity of the nature”.

If you have to pick a mentor or someone who have shaped your career, why was him impactful and what made him meaningful?

Olivier has met a lot of talented people along his career and with his curiosity and intellectually open mind he has learned from many of those.

For confidentiality, we won’t get to know who his mentor is, but with gratitude Olivier tells us “My mentor plays the role of my confidant in helping me making important decisions”. Always listening and available, he constantly reminds me of the beauty and emotions given by gems and jewels. Last but not least, it is his freedom of thought and his erudition that are guides for me!”.

Best advice to someone starting his career now in the industry?

“Believe in yourself!”