IGT Inspirational Interview Series: Conversation with Richard W. Hughes

Richard is a world expert on rubies and sapphires, an award-winning author of numerous books and articles. Richard and Billie welcomed me to their lab, she listened and looked at her father with admiration and respect, and was soon reciprocated when he told us how she helped him to set up Lotus Gemology laboratory in 2014. Richard is the first generation of his family in gemology. How did he do it?

While in Europe, Richard made a key encounter in Copenhagen, an Australian man who had just come from Asia . “As he described his experiences there, I realized that it was Asia that I really wanted to visit. Growing up in Colorado, I had dreamed of seeing the mighty Himalayas ever since I was a young boy.” Hughes asked what it might cost to go from Europe to Nepal, and was stunned by the reply: 30 USD. In fact it cost him just 25 USD to travel by bus and train from Istanbul to Kathmandu, via Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.

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