IGT Inspirational Interview Series: Conversation with Arto and Saro Artinian

Arto and Saro moved to Bangkok over 20 years ago and created one of the leading high jewelry manufacturing companies. With more than 400 employees they work for international brands and they have their own line, distributed internationally. Their father was an Armenian jeweler and since their childhood they have sat at the bench and observed with passion.

Souren Artinian, Saro and Arto Artinian’s late father, was a big jeweler, creating refined jewelry pieces and using the best craftsmen from Armenia, Syria and Italy, which at the time was a leading hub for jewelry. His boutique was “the most beautiful in the Middle East, an exquisite two floored showroom decorated with soft colors and precious materials, perfect to cater the discerning wealthy clientele in Damascus, so advanced he even had CCTV” Arto says.

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